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If you are looking for a musical gift, then you have come to the right place.  We have a range of music themed gifts, this selection offers a range of ideas such as pens, coasters, pin badges, shopping pads and much more.   Whether you are buying for your music teacher, musician friend, or just somebody who loves their music, you are sure to find a unique gift idea here, but if you don't find a gift in this section click the text to try our music box novelty gift section.
Musical Theme Mug BCM04
A blue and white mug with musical theme.
Musical Theme Mug BCM03
A pink,grey and white mug with musical theme.
Musical Theme Mug BCM06
A black and white mug with keyboard theme.
Musical Theme Mug BCM05
A black and white mug with instrument theme.
Treble Clef Pen
A pen with treble clef design.
Notation Pencil
A pencil with musical notation design.
A handkerchief with trumpet motif.
Musical Theme Tie
A tie with keyboard design.
Chopping Board
Music themed kitchen chopping board.
Music Theme Post It Note Pad PIN050
Piano Key Post It.
Musical Design Pen MG28
A pen with keyboard design.

Musical Design Rule RUL02
A rule with keyboard design.
Musical Theme Mug MG39
A white mug with black and grey music notes.
Music Theme Post It Note Pad PIN03
Music Note Post It.
Chopin Liszt Pad MG34
An aptly named shopping list pad.
"Chopin Bored" CB01
Music themed kitchen chopping board.
Musical Pin Badges MG48
Music themed pewter pin badges.
Musical Theme Mug MG39B
A black mug with grey and white music notes.
Music Bow Tie
A burgundy bow tie with musical design.
Musical Theme Tie
A black tie with musical design.
Chopin Liszt Board And Pad MG35
An aptly named shopping list board and pad.
Musical Theme Tie MNT01
A black tie with musical design.

Music Red Tie MNT02
A red tie with musical design.
Music Theme Tie MNT03
A blue tie with musical design.
Music Socks
A pair of black socks with red and white musical design.
Music Socks
A pair of black socks with foot notes musical design.
Musical Theme Socks SOC02
A pair of black socks with treble clef design.
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